Creative Coaching

speak it.

sing it.

act it like you mean it.

Learn how to speak, sing, act, in the healthiest and most comfortable way!

Let me introduce myself

Hi, I am Ofelia and I'm here to help you!

I'm a professional actress, singer and coach, with almost 10 years of performing experience. I trained with the best and now I am ready to share my knowledge with you.

I teach students with different artistic approaches, vocal types and different musical styles. As a voice coach, I can help you improve the quiality of your voice, help you understand how the voice works and why practice is so important for your muscle memory.

Jazz enthusiast? Perfect! I can help you improve your technique, improvisation skills and many others. Let's play!

Or let me guess.. Musical theatre admirer? Here I am. You are in need help in performing or acting or both in MT? You've come to the right place. I got my MA degree in MT with LJMU. (Master of Arts with Distinction.. just saying)

Last but not least, as an acting coach I can definitely help you improve your craft, your audition skills, self confidence and repertoire.

I also offer workshops on technique, vocal improvisation, vocal health, public speaking, as long as one-to-one lessons.

I work with children, teenagers and adults.

I teach online, so don't waste any more of your time. Book a session.

Tailored lessons based on your needs

I think the "one fits all" statement doesn't apply in the art department as there isn't a special "prescription" everyone can apply and achieve success. 

We're all different and that's the beauty of it. And I got the skills you need in order to improve!

What can happen during a voice lesson?

You could develop your vocal technique, pitch, tone, awareness and breath control. Develop some acting skills - as each song has a story waiting to be told, right?

Get all the information you need for a good vocal hygiene.

Develop your musicality and artistry!

And much more!


I have really enjoyed my singing lessons with Ofelia. She takes time to check in with where you are at each session and works around you. Some of the practices seemed strange at first but you can really notice the difference and she can explain why it works which is really interesting. In a few weeks I can see a difference in my voice and have tools to carry with me that support my voice. Thank you!


Hello! I loved the lesson. Your class was so energetic and so practical. I just could feel much better at the end of the lesson, and I had so much fun. Loved how positive you are.


Ofelia is a very lovely teacher who has helped me a lot to learn new ways of improving my singing and finding the points where im tense and teaching me techniques and tricks to overcome my issues with fun exercises, making singing an easier experience for me. She is always focus on the sound of your voice and your body posture and leading me to recognize bad habits that made singing harder for me. I really enjoyed the experience of having a professional to myself who adapted her teachings to what is right for me and my voice. Very grateful for giving me more confidence, comfort and knowledge of my own voice.


The sessions are very useful! You are professional, emotional teacher. It became clear for me what I have to concentrate on. I am very satisfied, and thank you so much.


I found the questions at the beginning of the lesson a good way to start because it was a good way to get to know my level of comfort with singing and what my aspirations are. I found that you tailored the exercises to my voice strengths and weaknesses. It was an overall positive and uplifting session, in which I felt heard and capable to improve. You had a very friendly approach and a professional structure.


I had singing lessons before, but the experience with Ofelia was next level. She asked about what I love most at my voice and what I struggle with and then found ways of making me open up and break all my boundaries. A lesson with her it's not just about music, but acting, health, body posture, soul and feelings. I felt like preparing for a musical in which I am freed to express myself through the most beautiful art of the world!



Don't waiste any minute of your precious time thinking if you should or shouldn't do it. For sure I can't wait to meet you!

Ofelia. Creative Coach. Speak-Sing-Act 2023 
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